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Window Cleaning
($100 Minimum)
The figures below reflect deep cleaning window panes, tracks, and frames inside and out. We price each window job individually by counting up the total number of each type of fixture and charge them as follows:
    • Double Hung/Slider: $12.50 each
      • Vertical or horizontal, if a window has one fixed pane and one movable pane, it is charged as a double hung.
    • Fixed: $5-$20 each
      • A fixed window is a single pane of glass. It does not matter if it swings open or if it doesn't move at all. The prices is decided first by size, then by difficulty. So a six foot by three-foot window at eye level would be about $10, but a two by two that is three stories up at the edge of a cliff would be closer to $20.
    • Sliding Glass Doors: $20
      • This includes the screen.
    • Garage Door Windows: $2 - $4 each
      • Depending on size, removal of decorative grids is $2 extra each if they are not frail or at risk of breaking.
    • Screens: $2.50 each
    • Interior (32') Ladder Work: $35 fee
    • Skylights: $35 each
    • Extra Dirty Tracks: $1-$10 each
      • This one-time fee may be applied in the case of construction cleaning or excessive gaps between regular maintenance cleaning.
    • Chandeliers: $45 each
Screen Repair
  • Replacement Screen: $25
    • Using original frames and elbows. Most hardware stores are charging $45 for this service and we can do it on site.
  • Replacement elbows: $2 each
  • Replacement Frame: $4 per foot
Pressure Washing
($100 Minimum)
  • Is charged by the sq ft: $0.75 per
    • Siding or drive/walk
Carpet Cleaning
($100 Minimum)
  • Is charged by the sq ft: $0.35 per
  • Stairs: $3 each
Upholstery Cleaning
($100 Minimum)
  • Couch/Love Seat: $75-$150
  • Lazy Boy Chair: $65
  • Ottoman: $35
  • Kitchen Chair Cushion: $5
Area Rugs
($100 Minimum)
  • Are charged by the sq ft: $0.75 per
Tile/Stone and Grout
($100 Minimum)
  • Is charged by the sq ft: $0.75 per

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